Measurement Methodology

Measuring behavioral change

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

We see two potential ways in which a consumption behavior, and subsequently behavior change can be identified. In the first case the user reports his own behavior. In the second case, the behavior change is identified through the analysis of the user’s payment transactions. In both cases some degree of distrust or uncertainty must be considered, making it necessary to assign a confidence score. Based on the user’s payment transaction history, we are able to establish a baseline carbon footprint. Additionally, we can also identify patterns and label these with profile attributes through analyzing these transactions.

How can we identify behavior change and how can we quantify it in terms of CO2 emissions?

These questions guides our work to establish a Behavior Identification Quality Factor, a confidence score depending on the quality of the chosen measurement methodology and the availability of data.

Data sharing, again and again, is climate caring.


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