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Manifesto for Sustainability Data Transparency

Data sharing is climate caring

The lack of transparency in standardized and verifiable sustainability data remains one of the key shortcomings to effectively fight climate change.

Transparency in sustainability is more than a "nice to have" marketing tool that businesses use occasionally, it is a fundamental right we have to claim for since it not only affects us but also the generations to come.

We consciously work towards a sustainable transformation based on the following principles:
  1. Promote sustainability data transparency to empower consumers to make better-informed conscious purchasing decisions.
  2. Support initiatives and research-related findings that educate consumers and incentivize consumption behavior based on reduced carbon emissions, like the PACT routine (Personalization, Authorization, Capabilization, Transformation)
  3. Help understand the impact of sustainability data and bring light to end-to-end supply chains at all levels of production by building the key metrics of a circular economy.
  4. Provoke thoughts on how sustainability data helps make the world a more sustainable place and drives system change.
  5. Adapt the FAIR principles to sustainability data with the premise of being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.
  6. Present and publish solutions for sustainability data transparency as a free and common good.
  7. Convince individuals and institutions that sustainability data has to be expressed in open formats and be tracked and exchanged following common standards.
  8. Encourage to think and design tech innovations and developments considering the question “how could it positively affect climate action?”
  9. Support creativity on how to use existing data infrastructure to facilitate and accelerate the search and exchange of data.
  10. Use existing, well-established technology and new tech trends in an integrative way to find effective impact solutions suitable for practice.
  11. Treat data as a highly precious good and respect data privacy as much as necessary by allowing the public access to data as far as possible.
  12. Empower and hold accountable institutions to make measurable sustainability efforts.

If you share these principles, why don't you sign the manifesto. That's where transparency starts. The more people and organisations commit to these principles the more transparency in sustainability data will be achieved.

Thank you for signing our Manifesto.

Previous Signers:

  • Maxwell Honzik | ecolytiq
  • Andrés Alvarez Pérez | OfCC
  • Helene Nordgreen | ecolytiq
  • Dr. Mirko Kämpf | OfCC
  • Anisha Mohil | ecolytiq GmbH
  • Ulrich Pietsch | Loyal-Up GmbH & Co. KG
  • Lorenz Theobald | ecolytiq
  • Sylvia Klein | ofcc
  • David Lais | OfCC
  • Danny Stey | steylish