White Paper

Transaction to carbon footprint: An open standard framework for consumer carbon calculations based on payment transactions

Our approach is based on payment transactions enabling consumers to become aware of their influence on global warming. Our open standard framework has been continuously improved and applied by the Sustainability-as-a-Service® solutions of ecolytiq since 2021.

The Open Standard provides requirements and guidance for companies and organizations that want to estimate carbon footprint based on transaction data.

White Paper

Transaction to carbon - ecolytiq 1.4 for carbon intensity estimation

Our approach is based on data transparency, enabling consumers to become aware of their influence on global warming. Our goal is to give back power to these consumers, helping them take control of their environmental impact.

Based on the Open Standard, here we present the ecolytiq 1.4 approach, which should be applied when country-specific data is unavailable in the EXIOBASE 3 (Stadler et al., 2019) or the COICOP databases (D. B. Eurostat, 2022).

White Paper

The Internet of Sustainability

Our approach goes beyond a platform or a framework for collaboration. Instead, it provides a global network that connects different data sources and technologies and sets standards as well as methodologies – hence why we call it the ‘Internet of Sustainability’. The aim is to make sustainability data transparent and open to all stakeholders.


Research Call

Behavioral Economics for Climate Action

In order to better understand and anticipate consumer behavior scientific state-of-the-art flows into our work. We are searching for research partners to build a framework and methodology around two research topics:

1. How can Nudging Theory and Behavior Change Interventions be applied to drive conscious consumerism?

2. How can the behavior changes of consumers be quantified and measured to reflect the real impact in terms of verified carbon reductions?