Organisation for Conscious Consumerism

As a non-profit organisation, we envision to enable the development of an impact economy driven by conscious consumerism. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of conscious consumerism through incentives in behavioural change and transparency in sustainability data, leading to positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Our data- and technology-driven concepts aim to bring new insights into the process, from shifts in individual consumption behaviors through to systemic change.

The open standards, methodologies, and open data concepts we establish, in collaboration with our scientific and industry partners, serve the common good of our society. We are an independent non-profit organisation owned by the ecolytiq GmbH, Berlin.


David Lais

Founder & CEO

David made it his life‘s work to combine his passion for climate protection with his expertise in technology and digital business models to bring about real change.


Mirko Kämpf

Managing Director IT

Mirko leads the path for ideas of technological innovation in sustainability and combines academic know-how with future-centric data-driven solutions.


Sylvia Klein

Sustainability Strategy Manager

Sylvia is serial entrepreneur and strategy consultant. Her expertise lies in the development of novel digital monetization models and sustainability data transparency concepts.


Anisha Mohil

Impact & Sustainability Manager

Anisha promotes social and environmental justice in enterprise by ensuring impact and sustainability efforts are measured, optimised, and communicated through a multi-stakeholder perspective.


Gracia Lanza

Product Owner Environmental Research

Gracia leads evidence-based research to trigger sustainable consumption and behavioral change; combining practitioner and academic experience promotes the Community of Practice (CoP) to set and implement standards that will contribute to reaching the 1.5 °C target from the Paris Agreement.


Henriette Freye

Product Owner Behavioral Research

Jette helps people make better decisions for the environment and therefore ultimately themselves. She puts the development of impactful, data-driven interventions at the heart of her work – while focus remains on the brain… 🙂